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High Tech Industry
With an Extra Something You Can Only Get from LeadMaster

Your business has enough time pressures and budgetary demands on it, you don’t need CRM software that comes with a steep learning curve. And you certainly don’t need a lead management system that involves a huge upfront expense.

Enter: The LeadMaster solution – lead tracking for today’s fast-paced high tech world.

You Can Afford This Kind of Help

LeadMaster’s online pay-as-you-go lead tracking system is affordable right from the get go.  A modest monthly fee gets you a ton of advanced features plus something you won’t get anywhere else: the services of our CRM consultants every step of the way.

Our experts will make sure you’re up and running quickly (as fast as 1 hour) and you get the most out of our multi-tasking CRM software every day after that.

Large international firms like HP, Oracle, Microsoft and AMD use LeadMaster’s sales force automation to generate, track, and nurture leads from incubation to conversion. And what works for them will work for you.

What You Gain with LeadMaster

As you’ve probably guessed by now, LeadMaster is about much more than lead tracking.

You also get sales force automation that coordinates all sales activities regardless of where they take place, automated lead nurturing, and integration with MS Outlook for a seamless meshing of job-critical tools.  Our solutions include the option lead generation through an outbound call center.

It All Adds Up To:

  • Faster automated distribution of leads to sales reps in house and in the field.
  • Higher closing ratios.
  • Higher revenues – measured performance improves productivity.
  • Improved ROI on marketing expenditures through built-in analytic tools.
  • Easy, instant deployment, no lag time.
  • No infrastructure investment with our web-based cloud computing.
  • Low cost to your business with a pay-per-user fee structure.

LeadMaster understands the lead management needs of high-tech industries. In fact, most of LeadMaster’s features resulted from our experience working with tech companies just like yours. So you could say we custom built LeadMaster just for you.

Insurance Industry
How to Track Insurance Leads, Sell More Policies, and Make Your Competitors Cry

In the insurance business, at least two things are certain: 1) plenty of paperwork and 2) plenty of competition. Want a way to cut both down to size?

LeadMaster’s online platform lets you easily enter and track insurance leads right from their source through to their conclusion. So leads are less likely to get lost, forgotten, or mishandled. And assessing lead quality becomes a breeze.

The final score? Paperwork: reduced to almost zero. Competitors: reduced to tears.

Agency Lead Management Built For Insurance

LeadMaster’s lead tracking program offers a wide range of features that our CRM professionals can customize to suit your insurance agency’s lead management needs.

Our team is always here to support your team as you implement your new lead tracking program, grow your lead database, establish lead nurturing strategies, and follow up with all customers and prospects… no lead left behind.

LeadMaster Lets You:

  1. Capture and track insurance leads from online and offline sources.
  2. Distribute leads to sales agents.
  3. Easily schedule call backs, send emails and brochures directly from the LeadMaster interface – no jumping between applications.
  4. Prioritize sales calls by separating near term from long term opportunities.
  5. Enroll long term prospects in a drip marketing program that automatically sends them scheduled emails.
  6. Monitor lead quality, agent follow up, and conversion rate via the LeadMaster dashboard and reporting tools.
  7. Use collected data to determine marketing ROI, establish forecasts and adjust for success.

Why LeadMaster?

LeadMaster has been providing CRM for insurance agencies and carriers for over a decade. Today, thousands of businesses across the US depend on LeadMaster to provide agency lead management services, including CRM lead tracking software and consulting.

LeadMaster – Helping American insurance agencies cut down on paperwork and competition since 1998.

Mortgage Industry
Track Mortgage and Loan Modification Leads With LeadMaster

Quick… do you know where all your leads are right now?

It’s hard to track mortgage and loan modification leads effectively if they’re scattered all over the place. Some may be vegetating in an Outlook folder, others gathering dust on spreadsheets, web forms, or purchased lists you just haven’t got around to parsing yet.

No matter where your leads currently reside, LeadMaster automatically imports them into our hard-working, multi-tasking software. From there, you can easily track mortgage and loan modification leads without lifting a pen.

Track Mortgage Leads Painlessly

Don’t fear change – this is one innovation that pays dividends. LeadMaster is painless to set up and a pleasure to use. Your team could be up and running by tomorrow.

Easy to Access. Easy to Use.

Because your data is stored on our secure web-based system, there’s nothing to download. Every member of your team can use LeadMaster to track mortgage leads from anywhere: home, office, or on the road.

The powerful lead nurturing and drip marketing functions work 24/7 to persuade stubborn leads while you’re busy selling to more motivated buyers.

LeadMaster’s Guide to “Gets”

  • Get Organized. LeadMaster imports and integrates your leads from multiple sources, even 3rd party lead providers. Finally, everything in one location.
  • Get Delegating. Managers can easily assign leads to loans officers, including those working remotely.
  • Get Control. Agents can view leads in the system, select hot prospects, update lead status, schedule call backs, send emails and enroll long term leads in a drip marketing campaign.
  • Get Performance. Mortgage and loan officers can assess and sort lead sources, immediately targeting the more productive ones. Watch as sales figures start to soar.
  • Get ROI. The LeadMaster dashboard lets you monitor the success of your marketing efforts. Managers gain a 360° view of lead quality, loan officer follow through, and actual conversions.
  • Get Profits. Making more money just happens naturally when agents work better and smarter, when leads aren’t lost, and when marketing dollars aren’t wasted.

These are some of the benefits of enlisting LeadMaster to help your team generate and track mortgage leads. Talk to us about your situation…

Real Estate Industry
Real Estate Leads Management and Sales Tracking:

Manage the Leads and the Sales Take Care of Themselves

Yes, it’s definitely time. It’s time for your firm to have a real estate leads management tool that helps your agents get organized and make the most of every lead, even the lukewarm ones.

It’s time for a customer relationship management (CRM) program that:

  • Funnels leads from every source into one online database.
  • Sorts and distributes leads to brokers and agents, in house and in the field.
  • Sends reminders to ensure every lead gets appropriate follow up.
  • Nurtures leads with automated drip marketing to long-term prospects.
  • Lets managers monitor agent productivity, forecast sales, and improve ROI.

How It Works

Leadmaster’s real estate sales tracking tool is intuitive in its design, so it’s simple to set up and easy to use. Your team can get right down to work.

Let’s look at a real world example. Here’s how one firm used LeadMaster as their control center for lead retention and customer relationship management:

A real estate company with offices nationwide ran a marketing campaign using TV ads with a toll free number and a website with a sign-up form. Leads were funneled directly into the LeadMaster system.

From there, leads were automatically distributed to real estate agents across the US, based on customized rules inputted earlier by the company… instantly and with no need for case-by-case handling.

Post campaign, the LeadMaster Dashboard showed sales results so the manager could easily determine marketing ROI – state by state, office by office, and agent by agent.

This company found the greatest benefits of our real estate leads management system were: ability to capture more leads in one centralized database; identify where leads were being lost; and make improvements based on facts not guesswork. Sales rose 12% in the first month of use.

The LeadMaster Edge: We’re Ready For You Right Now

You could spend a lot of time and money having your own CRM program created from the ground up. Or you could save time and money using our pay-as-you-go system. It’s already online just waiting for you to customize it to your real estate sales tracking needs.

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