New Lead-Xpress Feature – Quick Action Sections 2 & 3 Added to the Lead-Xpress Page

Posted May 16, 2014 by leadmaster
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Lead-Xpress is an inexpensive way to close the loop on sales leads.  It provides the sales lead in an email format with a secure link to the CRM.  Just click on the link to update the record in the CRM – no logging in – nothing to learn – fast & easy.  This way you always know what’s happening with the sales leads and what you sold as a result of the investment you made to get those sales leads.

From: Your Sales Manager
Subject: Lead Update Request
Date: May 16, 2014 at 4:56:16 PM EDT

Dear Bob,

You have a new lead or a request to update an existing opportunity. Please click click here to update the status of this record.  Or click here to go to the portal for access to all of your records –  All Accounts

Company – American Internet Services, LLC.
Contact – Franklin Worth
Pasadena California

When you click on the link in the Lead-Xpress Email it takes you to the customizable ‘Lead-Xpress’ page in a browser.  Lead-Xpress supports all 3 of the LeadMaster Click Action sections – these sections contain checkboxes that are tied to automation.  Click a single checkbox and you can accomplish a variety of tasks – send an email, update the lead status, update the sales stage, make a note in the sales comments etc.
Lead-Xpress Page to Update the CRM

Lead-Xpress Page to Update the CRM

LeadMaster has 3 sets of Click Actions with 18 customizable checkboxes in each.  Previously only the 1st set was available to the Lead-Xpress user.  Now with this update all three sets are available for even greater functionality and flexibility.


New Feature – Moving Custom Forms from One Record to Another

Posted May 16, 2014 by leadmaster
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Over the last 16 years LeadMaster has been used in every industry you can think of.  One of the reasons is the LeadMaster custom form.  It is basically a blank page that allows you, the user, to create the fields for the data you want to keep track of.  Field types include – text, text area, numbers, dates, single select, radio buttons, multi-select, checkboxes, summed question and upload file.

Now there’s a new way to use custom forms – they can be moved from one record to another.  Suppose you are an art auction house with the description of each individual piece of art recorded on a custom form.  When the art is sold you are now able to move the custom form from your inventory to the customer’s contact record.  Here’s how it works.


First find the record with the custom form.

Custom Form on Record

Custom Form on Record – Notice the Move button on the Right hand Side

Click on the Move button on the right hand side.  A window appears listing all of the companies in your database.  You can use the search box to find the company.

Custom Form Move

Select the Company Where You’d like the Custom Form to Move onto

When you click on the name of the company LeadMaster will confirm that you want to move it.  Click OK and the custom form is moved.

Custom Form Move Confirmed

Custom Form Move Confirmed

Smart Queue Enhancement

Posted March 31, 2014 by leadmaster
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To speed up management of the Smart Queue the calculation of available records is now determined one at a time by clicking on the select button.  This means the Smart Queue appears almost instantly which makes it faster and easier to manage your calling campaigns.


Smart Queue Before Showing Available Records

Smart Queue Before Showing Available Records

Notice that you don’t see the status of each queue until after you click on the ‘Select’ button.  In the image below I’ve clicked on the Bob Decker Queue and it is now displaying the status and available records.


Smart Queue After Clicking Select to Show Available Records

Smart Queue After Clicking Select to Show Available Records



LeadMaster recognized with Growth Award

Posted March 31, 2014 by leadmaster
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Business analytics company, SIGNL, recognizes LeadMaster with Growth Award.


LeadMaster Momentum

LeadMaster Momentum

Marketing Automation Research Study Reveals Companies Need Sales Lead Management

Posted March 27, 2014 by leadmaster
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I recently came across a research study on marketing automation which analyzed nearly 900 interactions with companies looking to purchase marketing automation software. Highlighted in the report are:

  • The most active buyer segments
  • The top requested features
  • Why organizations are looking for a new solution to handle marketing initiatives

Buyer segments:

  • Surprisingly, 91 percent of buyers were evaluating marketing automation software for the first time.
  • 50 percent of the buyers were companies with fewer than 50 employees, showing a growing adoption of marketing automation technology among small businesses.
  • The high tech industry is the industry most actively evaluating solutions, representing 23 percent of the sample. The next largest segments were consulting, manufacturing, media and advertising.
  • 48 percent of buyers were currently using CRM software to manage their marketing operations.

Top requested features:

Lead nurturing is the most requested feature with more than 80 percent of buyers citing this as their top need, followed by reporting/analytics, lead scoring, email marketing and drip marketing.

Marketing Automation Top Features

Marketing Automation Top Features

Why are companies are looking at marketing automation?

The #1 reason is to improve the sales lead management. What this tells us is that most CRM vendors aren’t providing a good solution for managing leads.

Marketing Automation Top Reasons

Marketing Automation Top Reasons

What does this mean for marketing automation moving forward?

Since enterprise-level businesses have typically been more aggressive adopters of marketing automation systems, it is interesting to see such a large number of small businesses express interest in implementing a solution. This is likely an indication that marketing automation is moving downstream, and the need for lead management functionalities that go with it.

The study was conducted by Software Advice between Jan 1, 2013 and Dec 31, 2013.




New Feature – Creating Landing Pages & Response Pages in LeadMaster

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There is a new tab in the Campaigns section of LeadMaster called ‘Landing Pages’.  It allows you to easily create a web page with a form.  When the form is filled out the data is sent your LeadMaster database.

LeadMaster Landing Pages Introductory Video

There are pre-built templates to help you get started.  All you have to do is add your logo, images and text.

Now when you  do email marketing and online advertising to drive prospects to your landing page the data on the form will immediately be sent to LeadMaster.