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New Developments in Telephone Integration for LeadMaster

October 26, 2012
There have been some great developments regarding telephone integration with LeadMaster.  Here are 4 options ranging in price from free to $150 per month.
1)  Skype integration – Skype is integrated at the browser level so any number in the browser, including those in LeadMaster, can be click-dialed.  The click dialer is free and calling from Skype account to Skype account is free.  Calling a standard telephone number is charged per minute.  This is an inexpensive solution if you’re doing overseas calling.
2)  VOIP integration – There are many providers of VOIP service.  You’ll need a soft phone (a computer program that functions like a telephone) to click-dial from within LeadMaster.  This solution has a few benefits over Skype – things like: pre-recorded messages that can be played when you get voicemail, multiple lines, 3-way calling, call transfer, supervised calls etc.  The soft phone from EVS has been tested to work with LeadMaster.
  • EVS7 Softphone & VOIP Service –
3)  IP PBX integration – If you have an IP PBX you can integrate with LeadMaster using a brand new solution from  This is a great solution if you’ve already got an IP PBX.
  • –
4)  Complete Cloud Call Center – This solution is a PBX in the cloud.  You get all the features and functions without having to own the hardware.  LeadMaster customers are using the 3CLogic solution with great success.
  • 3CLogic –

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