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New Feature – Turn website visitors into actionable leads with LeadXtreme by LeadMaster

September 8, 2010

How do you know who is visiting your website if they don’t fill out a form/landing page?  In today’s fast paced business you can’t afford to let website visitor details escape you.

With LeadMaster’s LeadXtreme solution you are able to capture website visitor information directly in your LeadMaster Lead Management system.

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Now with Xtreme your website visitors can scroll across the screen on the LeadMaster ticker tape.  When you see a lead you’d like to know more about just click on the ticker tape and you’ll be taken directly to that record.  We like to think of it as Caller ID for your website, turning website visitors into actionable leads.

Even when your website visitors don’t fill out a form, you’ll be able to see their

  • Company Name
  • the City & State they’re located in
  • the Date / Time they visited the website
  • what site they were referred from
  • if referred by a search engine you’ll see the  Keywords
  • the IP address they came from
You’ll also be able to put them on a ‘watch list’.  That’s a feature where you can create customized lists to alert you to certain visitors – You may want to track customers, competitors or perhaps a big account that you’re trying to land.

Forget cold calling!  These companies are looking for your solution.

Xtreme is integrated with LeadMaster so return visitors don’t create a new record but simply update the existing record.

Each record is based upon company and city they are coming from – so if the same company comes to your website but from a different city a new record will be created for that visitor.  Now you’ll know the companies that are visiting your site in real-time.

And to help you find the right person at this company LeadMaster has weblinks to a variety of contact information sources – like Jigsaw and LinkedIn.  You can also customize these weblinks so if you have a subscription to a contact database – you can use that to find the appropriate contact.

Lead Xtreme also includes real time Reporting & Web Analytics.  You can see examples on the LeadXtreme Reports Tour on our website.

Sure online advertising has done a good job of driving potential customers to your website, but less than 2% of those visitors provide their contact information – so how do you contact visitors if they aren’t filling out one of your online forms?  The answer is LeadMaster LeadXtreme.  Xtreme provides detailed information about companies that visit your website, even when they don’t identify themselves.  So you can convert that information into actionable leads.  And the best news – it happens in real time.

Start generating news leads from your web traffic with LeadMaster LeadXtreme.


The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.

New Feature – Preview Records Before Import

June 14, 2010

Every time I have trouble importing records I’m reminded of the saying ‘Garbage in = Garbage out’.  The problem I have is finding out what’s garbage.  Everything looks fine in Excel but when I go to import it the rows sometimes got goofed up and first name is now in last name and email is where company is supposed to be.

Here’s a new feature that is going to make your life and mine a little easier when it comes to importing records.  Now you can preview the records you are importing.  So if you’ve got an invisible character or something else that is goofing with your records you’ll be able to see it – making it much easier to fix.

Here’s how it works.  Go through the normal import process and when you get to the ‘Import Wizard – Summary’ page you’ll notice a new option – Preview.

Import Wizard Summary Page Now Includes Preview

Import Wizard Summary Page Now Includes Preview

When you click the Preview button the result is a view of the records you’re about to import so that you can see if there’s a troublemaker that is goofing up your import, and if so, where it’s hiding.

Import Wizard Preview Records

Import Wizard Preview Records

So no more guessing when it comes to trying to find the culprit that has been messing with your data import.  Now you can see it.

One final thought on imports.  Using the  Notepad to view the data prior to import has also proven useful in finding issues before the import.

I hope you enjoy the new feature.


The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.

LeadMaster Voice Adds More Choices

April 8, 2010

Now you can use your LeadMaster Voice softphone with Skype, Vonage and MagicJack as well as the original seven VOIP providers.

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The LeadMaster Voice digital softphone is integrated with LeadMaster so phone numbers in LeadMaster are now live links. While you’re using LeadMaster with Internet Explorer, just click on the phone number in the LeadMaster CRM and your LeavMaster Voice digital softphone dials the number. LeadMaster Voice is a much more efficient and accurate way to dial numbers compared to dialing by hand.

This enhancement is a great productivity booster for the LeadMaster online lead management and sales CRM system.

The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.

An open invitation to see a demonstration of the LeadMaster Sales Lead Tracking, Email Marketing and SFA-CRM system

March 18, 2010

See LeadMaster in action during our free weekly webinar, every Tuesday at 2pm.  The demonstration usually lasts 45 minutes.

  • You don’t need to install an application, the webinar will run in your browser.
  • No need to pre-register.
  • You don’t need to call a phone number the audio will play through your computer speakers.
  • We’ll pause for questions every 10 minutes for questions.  Submit questions via webinar chat.

Meeting:  Every Tuesday @ 2pm – LeadMaster Demonstration

Time Zone:  (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)

To join the meeting:

The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.

LeadMaster Lead-Extreme with LeadCaster

December 11, 2009

LeadMaster announces real-time web tracking with LeadMaster’s online CRM software called Lead-Extreme.

Lead-Extreme provides a suite of powerful, easy-to-use website tracking tools that provide lead generation and measure the effectiveness of website performance, from pay-per-click and online marketing to search engine optimization. The teaming of the LeadMaster CRM with web tracking and lead generation tools offers customers a powerful combination that LeadMaster is calling ‘Lead Extreme‘.

With this robust new service, sales and marketing teams using LeadMaster will be able to easily identify website and landing page visitors, even when they have not filled out a registration form.  It’s like having “Caller ID” on your website and landing pages.  This combined solution will provide the visitor’s domain name, business address, phone number, email and web address.  Visitor alerts can easily be created to send an alert when a specific company is visiting a website or landing page.  With this solution,  LeadMaster now provides complete lifecycle management for leads from the time they first visit a website all the way through to the sale.

This partnership is a natural extension of the LeadMaster offering.  By providing website and landing page visitor information, LeadMaster customers will have a powerful tool to identify and convert web visitors.  Using the powerful workflow automation rules, LeadMaster customers will be able to easily separate leads from non-leads and automatically forward the leads to sales reps for follow-up.  By automating the analysis and distribution of lead information, this solution provides both the sales leads and the system to manage those leads. With LeadMaster’s multi-tier lead management distribution system, leads can even be passed to partners, automatically, or to an inside sales team for further qualification. The additional functionality provided by real-time web analytics incorporated into the LeadMaster solution will provide superior tracking activity for PPC programs, banner ads and online advertising, as well.

“The more people know about their online marketing programs, the better they’ll be able to optimize their efforts.  LeadMaster wants their customers to know everything they can about their online visitors,” said Russell King, LeadMaster CEO. “LeadMaster’s CRM solution is helping customers optimize their front office operations, including SEO. We have have always wanted the LeadMaster system to capture leads from every source. The Lead-Extreme solution now completes that vision.”

The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.

What are the LeadMaster solutions?

July 2, 2009

The LeadMaster lead management solution is easy to use and provides real-time lead capture, lead distribution, lead tracking, lead scoring, lead nurturing, lead aging & reporting. LeadMaster makes it easy to qualify and convert leads from virtually any source – landing page, call center, webinar, lead originators… This easy to use web-based software is both Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) and a Sales Force Automation solution (SFA) that includes intuitive features like contact management, drip marketing and Outlook integration.

The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.