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New Feature – Preview Records Before Import

June 14, 2010

Every time I have trouble importing records I’m reminded of the saying ‘Garbage in = Garbage out’.  The problem I have is finding out what’s garbage.  Everything looks fine in Excel but when I go to import it the rows sometimes got goofed up and first name is now in last name and email is where company is supposed to be.

Here’s a new feature that is going to make your life and mine a little easier when it comes to importing records.  Now you can preview the records you are importing.  So if you’ve got an invisible character or something else that is goofing with your records you’ll be able to see it – making it much easier to fix.

Here’s how it works.  Go through the normal import process and when you get to the ‘Import Wizard – Summary’ page you’ll notice a new option – Preview.

Import Wizard Summary Page Now Includes Preview

Import Wizard Summary Page Now Includes Preview

When you click the Preview button the result is a view of the records you’re about to import so that you can see if there’s a troublemaker that is goofing up your import, and if so, where it’s hiding.

Import Wizard Preview Records

Import Wizard Preview Records

So no more guessing when it comes to trying to find the culprit that has been messing with your data import.  Now you can see it.

One final thought on imports.  Using the  Notepad to view the data prior to import has also proven useful in finding issues before the import.

I hope you enjoy the new feature.


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