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New Feature – Click Actions Available from Search Results

March 14, 2011

LeadMaster has a feature that goes by a variety of names: Call Stats, Click Actions etc.  Basically these are checkboxes that can be setup to do a wide variety of routine tasks.  For example, suppose you called a prospect and got voicemail.  In one of the big name salesforce automation software packages it takes a dozen clicks to put a note in the system that you got voicemail.  That doesn’t seem much like automation to me.  LeadMaster takes a different approach to automation.  With a two clicks of the mouse you can put a note in the system, add a call back to your calendar for the next day, send an email to your contact, text inside sales and more.  And the best news is that you don’t have to be a programmer to set it up.  It’s point and click easy.

Click Actions from LeadMaster Search Results

Click Actions from LeadMaster Search Results

Until now you had to go into the record to access the calls stats / click actions.  Now you can do it from search results.  They are in the more info menu along with email marketing and lead nurturing.  For those of you who like to make calls and take notes from the search results page this will make your life a lot easier and your calling a lot quicker.


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