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New Feature in LeadMaster Workflow Automation

October 14, 2010

Whenever you’ve added new records to LeadMaster you’ve always had the choice to assign them by zip code if you wanted.  Now geographical assignment (including zip code assignment) is available through workflow automation.

Workflow based upon geography - city, state, zip, country

Workflow based upon geography – city, state, zip, country

As part of this new enhancement, special interest fields are now available for workflow automation.

This enhancement gives you the added flexibility to use workflow automation to assign records via new criteria – city, state, zip and country and any of the 18 special interest fields.  With 18 customizable fields the workflow possibilities are nearly limitless.

One of the best ways to improve your closing ratio is to improve your lead response time.  Don’t let new leads sit in your lead management system for hours or days – get those out the your reps right away with workflow automation.  Simply assign the record based upon the territory, send a text message along with the lead and your sales reps can have prospects on the phone less than 60 seconds after they click the submit button.  The speed of response is only limited by how fast your rep gets a text message and clicks the call button on their phone.

Your prospects will be amazed and delighted.


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